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I believe in teaching my students to be not just clarinetists, but musicians ready to take on the challenges of the professional music world.  As such, I expose my students to multiple musical styles, encourage them to perform in as many different ensembles as possible, and teach them the core standard repertoire.  Above all, I instill confidence in their own abilities by establishing a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the clarinet. 

At VSU, clarinetists have the opportunity to play in top notch bands, including the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, play alongside myself and the other faculty in the American Prize winning Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, develop as a clarinet section in the clarinet choir and participate in chamber music of all sorts with the other music majors in the department.

The VSU Music Department offers competitive scholarships for undergraduates, graduate assistantships for graduate students, and in-state tuition for students in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina.  Please go to the links page to find out more information about the program, scholarship opportunities and upcoming musical events!

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